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When it comes to cooking, men are taking over the kitchen.  These days men are looking for the opportunity to impress their loved one with a tasty dish.  Spice up your lives with good food.  Meet culinary artist, G (Gerard Brogdon), who is ready to show you dudes how to cook…!  Each episode will feature a new guest ready to roll up his sleeves, put on the T-Shirt and COOK.  The magic is in the dish and the barbershop conversation where we get to be a fly on the wall as they talk about whatever guys talk about…sports, current events, women, money, jokes, politics…

Executive Producer:
  Tricia Messeroux
Director:  Tricia Messeroux 
Production Company:  The TMezz Creative Group
Associate Producer:  Marilynn Elie (TMezz Creative Group)
Director of Photography:  Elliott Nation (TMezz Creative Group)
Editor:  Marc Enette (TMezz Creative Group)

Foods & Dudes (Video Series)