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Branding, Digital Marketing, In-House Production & Photography

Customer Acquisition Ad Campaigns.
Social Media & Influencer Marketing.
Event Production, In-House Video Production & Photography

Our Approach:
- Know Your Target
- Develop a Story
- Create a Following
- Engage, Entertain, Inform
- Become Top of Mind

More About
The TMezz Creative Group

We may be small but we’re quite mighty!  We Bring Big Ideas and we #makeithappen!

Led by former big agency, ad executive,
Tricia Messeroux, The TMezz Creative Group, is a boutique creative hothouse that works strategically and cost effectively!

Our ability to develop creative and persuasive customer acquisition ad campaigns is one of our highly sought after capabilities.

We produce Big Ideas that Transform, Inform and Entertain


Don’t be the best kept secret!  Our job is to charge up your company and its story to the masses!  We creatively and cleverly design a roadmap to that will celebrate your brand driven by the developed brand equities and guidelines.  No matter where you are, whether in the inception stages or already established, our challenge is to go above and beyond.  

Social Media Marketing

​The Mezz Creative Group specializes in strategic development, creative execution and management for multiple social media channels.  Each channel serves a purpose.  So party of what our team of social experts does is identify the strongest vehicles for your brand and tell your brand’s story. Through customized imagery and video content, live events cost-effective ads etc… we engage your customer to keep your brand top-of-mind and drive sales.  

Influencer Marketing

The TMezz Creative Group works with top social influencers to create and amplify curated stories targeted to defined audiences. Our job is to develop the best strategies to identify the strongest ambassadors.  Our ability to negotiate paid or Free collaboration has been a win win for all.  

Video Content

Our team of video content developers offer strategic and creative content ideas that are engaging, smart and business advancing.  We streamline this process so that we may get as many assets as possible to rotate into your campaign.  From shooting video clips to using existing videos or stills, the end results have provided our clients great business success.

Digital Marketing

Effective paid search marketing is built on measurement, analytics, and long-term ROI & ROE. The paid search experts at B+C know that paid search marketing must be tackled carefully and transparently, with long-term growth and ROI in the driver’s seat. We’ll make sure you’re laser focused on the right keywords and placements to make sure

  • Google AdWords Management
  • Digital Media SWOT™ Website Audit
  • Keyword and Placement Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile & Video Advertising

In-House Photographer

We’re a small agency but we are quite mighty!  To streamline and deliver cost-effective campaigns for our clients, we keep many areas of what we offer in-house.  We have photographer skilled in product photography, models, in-studio, on location etc…  Our work led by our CEO, photographer Tricia Messeroux has received enormous accolades in the industry, trade and with our amazing clients.

In-House Video production

….Following the detection of our In-House Photography, our video team is highly skilled and award winning.  Video quality is and editing skills for video content and brand commercials/webmercials take an idea of any kind to great heights.

Event Production

– Large and Small event planning & production

– Strategy, Creation & Design

– Venue Source

– Data & Analytics

– Unparalleled In-Store Sampling

– Superior Product Demonstrators & Product Sampling Demonstration


Web Design

Smart, Creative, Effective, Merchant enable, Subscription enable, database acquisition abilities and so much more…

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